Ms. Nisha Thirumurthy

Founder & CEO

Vybe Energy is led by Nisha who has over two and a half decades of international and domestic work experience in energy technology deployment, renewable energy project development and strategic planning. She specializes in the techno-commercial analysis and optimization of various microgrid systems and impact of different policies on the overall project returns. She has a broad understanding of energy storage systems and components, net metering opportunities and integration with the electric grid. Nisha began her career at Deloitte Consulting’s Energy practice which among her many projects included working on supporting Hong Kong’s electricity sector deregulation. She subsequently went on to work at the Clinton Climate Initiative as the Director of Transportation tasked with the responsibility of accelerating the commercialization of advanced automotive technologies. Her most recent experience includes spending over a decade at the National Renewable Energy Lab where she has supported renewable, energy resiliency, and microgrid projects at government agencies in the US and abroad. Nisha holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and a Masters in Energy and Economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

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Mr. Gabe Kiblin

VP of Software Engineering

Gabe Kiblin wrote Vybe’s proprietary energy optimization software in Python that has the capability to obtain better results in the building energy space using predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms and advanced computer science techniques. He along with Nisha Thirumurthy hold a patent on their novel approach to whole building energy optimization. Gabe has 25 years of software development experience in energy, defense and scientific publishing industries. He is highly experienced with industry-leading programming languages and technologies, including Python, Java, Oracle, SQL Server & Optimization/Machine Learning. Gabe holds a Computer Science degree from SUNY Buffalo.

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Mr. Viresh Shah

Lead Engineer

Viresh Shah is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.), with 30+ years of energy-centric experience in private sector (industrial & commercial) and government (military and civil) settings. During his career, he has conducted, managed and delivered on several energy efficiency & conservation projects, facility energy audits and demand/intensity reduction initiatives – that spanned from on-site assessments of systems, equipment, load centers, and associated metering infrastructure. A majority of these energy-focused projects involved systematic capture of assets, ratings, operational patterns and identifying efficiency enhancement opportunities while maintaining system reliability, resiliency & sustainability aspects. He has performed such services at installations of the U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, Army and Airforce – both as a civilian employee and a contractor. He is experienced in the energy control and management systems such as electrical substation, distribution, HVAC, chiller plants, Central Energy or Combined Heat & Power Plants, lighting systems (streets, production areas, office areas, emergency), backup power generation systems, demand response, power factor correction etc. His additional certifications as LEED AP (Operations & Maintenance), PMP, and in Facility-related Control Systems (FRCS) cybersecurity provide a deeper evaluation skillset in infrastructure security engineering. He earned his MS in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from North Dakota State University, and an MBA from Drake University.

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Ms. Mshyka Davis-Smith


Mshyka Davis-Smith has over two decades of experience in corporate finance, business strategy, procurement, and program management. She currently serves as the CFO of Vybe Energy, LLC, where she is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s financial, risk management & accounting operations. Mshyka has also held roles at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Federal Reserve Board of Governors, US Investigations Services, Inc, Goldman Sachs & Co, General Dynamics Corporation & KPMG. Mshyka holds a Master of Business Administration from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and a Bachelor’s of Science in Commerce with a concentration in Finance from the University of Virginia.

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Advisory Group

Mr. Tim Baye

ReCon Associates

Tim Baye is ReCon’s coordinating member and a founder. Since 1984, Baye’s career has focused on renewable energy business development and finance through executive, academic and advisory capacities. His project portfolios include U.S., Latin America/Caribbean, Australia, North Africa and West/Central European. Baye’s core competencies include, project/corporate strategy/planning, financial and investment analysis, contracting (offtake and supply) and, project evaluation, planning and development; bioenergy (primary), solar (secondary).

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Ms. Sartaz Ahmed

Publicis Groupe

Sartaz brings 25+ years experience across oil and gas, utilities, power generation, renewables, cleantech and infrastructure sectors having worked with clients on both strategy and business transformations. She has worked on critical issues related to energy, carbon, and sustainability, including the development of alternative fuels and technology, and ways of reducing energy consumption. Sartaz has experience working on projects across the globe ranging from market assessments, investment evaluation, and business planning. She gained experience in the energy and infrastructure sector in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America while working for AlixPartners, Booz & Company, Deloitte Consulting, Kuwait Oil Company and Texaco.

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Vybe Energy has a team of partners that extend our capabilities and broaden our reach:


Resort Energy Ventures

(Continental US and Hawaii, Latin America and the Caribbean) – Solar and Microgrids for Hotels, Resort and Commercial Properties.

Recon Associates

(Worldwide) – Biomass and Anaerobic Digestion Technologies, Wind, Solar, Microgrids, Agricultural Applications.

Harrison Energy Partners

Engineers with 40+ years experience in HVAC and Control Systems Engineering.

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