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our story

About Vybe Energy

Vybe Energy provides strategic energy consulting and engineering design services as well as AI-driven energy software and hardware solutions for maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of small commercial to utility-scale energy projects.

We utilize techno-economic modeling to identify the financial fulcrum point between energy needs and sources to maximize returns. Our monitoring dashboard integrates real time energy use and production data for an individual and/or portfolio of projects while comparing actual to forecast financial metrics and return on investment (ROI).

Vybe has rapidly gained traction in the industry due to our economic expertise, innovative software solutions and commitment to customer service.

Our Founder

Nisha Thirumurthy

Our Founder, Nisha Thirumurthy was assisting large private sector clients on solar and storage projects, when she realized there was a gap in the energy management solutions (EMS) market.

It became apparent that all of the major energy using systems that controlled HVAC, lighting, EV charging and others were supported by multiple vendors and were typically isolated in how they perform building energy management. These buildings were now implementing solar and storage projects which would be controlled by yet another vendor.

This led her to create an AI-driven software and hardware solution that can synergistically manage all energy using, generation and storage systems together under a “single-pane-of-glass” master controller to reduce electricity demand charges, save money and sell power back to the grid.


Our Founder, Nisha Thirumurthy was recently interviewed by the Revers Center for Energy, Sustainability and Innovation at Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business.

our clients

Powering Success for Industry Leaders

We have provided financial and optimization solutions for a number of large clients including Host Hotels and Resorts, the largest lodging REIT as well as Avalon Bay Communications, the largest apartment REIT in the world

We have worked on projects in the continental United States as well as in Hawaii and the Caribbean.

our mission

Empowering Energy Excellence

Our brand mission is to provide innovative solutions and expert guidance that empower our clients to achieve their energy goals.

We are committed to delivering measurable financial savings, optimizing energy usage, and minimizing environmental impact.

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December 22, 2023

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