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Vybe Energy team hold advanced degrees, have culturally varied work experiences, and are subject matter experts in numerous fields bringing unmatched support for government programs.



541600 - Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services‍

541610 - Management Consulting Services‍

541611 – Management Consulting

541613 – Marketing Consulting Services

541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

611430 – Education and Professional Development Consulting

541614 - Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services

541618 - Other Management Consulting

541910 - Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling

541810 - Advertising Agencies

Capability Statement

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Core Competencies

Strategic Advisory

Through short- and long-term strategic advisory sessions, LVL-Up consultants guide clients to articulate their current structures, brainstorm innovative solutions, determine future goals, and define next steps.

Needs Assessment

Your agency has a goal (or several) in mind, but do not know what your specific needs are to reach that goal. LVL-Up consultants comb through your organization's provided information and data, hold interviews and assessment sessions to define and refine your specific agency needs and how that aligns with your goals.

Competitive Analysis

For organizations looking to improve or create new competitive advantages, LVL-Up consultants research current competitors, analyze their models to identify strategy options and implementable next steps for consideration.

Facilitation & Stakeholder Management

Is your agency or organization considering various decisions that need stakeholder management and coordination? LVL-Up consultants facilitate and strategize with stakeholders to identify directions and factors in their decision-making. LVL-Up synthesizes feedback and data for organizations to make decisions based on stakeholder feedback results.

Feasibility Study

Is one of your departments considering a new program, technology, or project? LVL-Up consultants review and analyze potential plans, programs, and technology to present strengths and weaknesses as they apply to your organization. Through a series of best practices and case study research, LVL-Up helps you identify risks and next steps in your potential program.

Expertise Support

For agencies and organizations with growing initiatives but lack the staff, time, or expertise to manage and implement their projects, LVL-Up’s consultants are talented and adaptable in any situation.



Experienced Eligible Family Members

LVL-Up's team is composed entirely of partners and spouses of US foreign service and military members. We hold advanced degrees, have culturally varied work experiences, and are subject matter experts in numerous fields.



As a small business, LVL-Up can quickly and efficiently pivot as needed to support our clients, providing excellent customer service throughout a client engagement.


Cost Effective

Our fully remote team passes its costs savings to its clients, making our services affordable for start-ups and entrepreneurs.


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